New Ribbon Various Logos

Various Logo designs and mock-ups.

Update Ribbon NoisyEleganceGo!

Custom Google Search (and other engines) with Bookmarks, Quicklinks and Themes.

Noisy Elegance NC

OUTDATED - Noisy Elegance NC - an iOS Notification Center theme.

Companion Cube

Portal's Companion Cube and Normal Cube.

Wii Wheels

Nintendo's Wii Wheel re-created as icon.

USB Loader GX

USB Loader GX - A program for Wii consoles that load Wii games from a USB hard drive and SD cards.


Biggest Homebrew Iconset short BHI (also known as "Wii Style Icons") a Low Lines style based iconset.


WiiXplorer - a multi-device file explorer for the Wii.