Wii Style Icons by NeoRame
This are my Wii Style Icons!!! The style is based on Low Lines Icon Set. All this icons are created in Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5. All not marked icons of this site are not supported by Low Lines! I merged Low Lines and my Icon set to give people the chance to download all icons at one time.

I thank Low Lines for his permission to host his icons and using his awesome style!
Note: All icons that are not marked with the blue "Wii Style" background are not created by Low Lines. He doesnt support the ideals of BackupLauncher and co. and he doesnt create icons for alpha or beta homebrews!

If you are searching for other icons they are already done by Low Lines please Visit Low Lines Homepage and look in the "Wii Style Icon" section.
© License
Last Update: 10/11/12

Homebrew / Ports
Quake Doom Masteroids Ballion Tetris
Scogger Duck Hunt Pong Jewel Quest Guitar Fun
Uno Chess Minesweeper Sudoku Tanks
Wii Solitaire Tyrian Wii Whiteboard Wii Physics WiiOperation
WiiBreakout Barrage Wii-Tac-Toe Wiiero Wii Shooting Gallery
WiiPoker WiiShip WiiFreecell Rick Dangerous WiiKaraoke
Mahjongg Wii Mahjongg Wii Piero's WiiCross WiiEarth Supersonic Wii
My Little Ball 3YOG ASCII Pong Asteroids Bible Quiz
Bichejos BlastGuy DopeWars Matches Pacman Emulator
Arcade Jigsaw Pong 2 TicTacToe WiiBreaker Aspirin
Kidspaint Wolfensin 3d ChatNoirWii Super Mario War Karaokii
Piirates spaceone YahtzWii Wii Quizz Portii
defendguin centipede Abuse Wii wiimms Mario Kart Retro wiimms Mario Kart Fun
Project Panic ArianeB Bash the Castle Briickout flyingSaucers
Maze of galious Wii nanoMechas descent Achtung, Wii Kurve! Piing
Trinary Paradroid Pixel Plot Space Invaders Heretic
REminiscence Zelda Classic Senet ReversMii hhexen
OpenJazz Wii Eduke32 Wii Digger Newo Asteroids UFO Racer
Harmony's Nightmare Avoidance Hero City 2 TailTale

Application / Tool / Utility
Mii Extractor Mii Installer Gecko Region Free USB Gecko Gecko OS
FTPii Wii Web Server Homebrew Browser Any Region Changer Starfall
PatchMii GeeXbox MPlayer DVDX MPlayer (Twiizer)
WUFE Menu Loader SD Explorer FSBrowser Dragon Media Player
Alarmii Backup Disc Twilight Hack Backup Launcher SoftChip
LED Flasher xyzzy Preloader SD Boot Menu Patcher
Menu Rebooter cIOSCorp Mii Updater Wii Shop Update IOS 51 Update
IOS Downgrader cIOS Fix Waninkoko´s cIOS rev 7 Channel Remover GameCube Backup Launcher
SoftMii WiiRadio Homebrew Disc Loader Pressii Wii Home
Gamecube Memory Card GCMM Eject DVD HiivelyPlay Leveltool
Fake PS3 Emu IOS 60 Installer cMIOS Installer cIOS Uninstall BootMii
WAD Creator BootMii Configuration Editor WiiFlow Action Replay Gamcube BrainFuck
Channel File Manager Balance Board Tools Balance Board Pro TriiForce Cover Floader
MegaCodeDownloader DiskDrive Lighter SysCheck 2 d2x cIOS Installer WiiTube
USB Loader GX uname Pimp my Wii Button Tester Wii Dios Mios lite
dop-shop Homebrew Filter wiimms SZS Tools hermes cIOS hermes cIOS Installer MOD
BootIOS WiiSixty arCard+Wii WiiCalc Strobe Alarm Clock
Crazy Intro Crazy Intro Video Edit arCard+Wii WiiShell Harmonium
Nwancat Devolution Comix Channel WiiTweet

PC-Based Games / Other Platforms
Atari Sinclair ZX Spectrum MSX Chip-8 Mame
ScummVM Linux Trojan Horse WiiDos Amiga
Apple II Commodore 64 StellaWii Hatari Wii WiiXL
Wii2600 BlueMSX DOSBox Wii Wiituka Wii7800
ONScripter WiiColEm JzintvWii MegaZeuX Wii QUASI88
Neko Project II (Wii) Wiimednafen Vectrex Wii Retro Arch Quadforce

Console / Handheld
Nintendo NES Super Nintendo Nintendo 64 SEGA Master System SEGA Genesis
Game Boy Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Neo Geo Turbo Grafx 16
WiiHandy/SDL Sega Saturn Playstation Nintendo DS Wii

CoverMii ShowMiiWads MLlib sdl Wii grrlib
DML Toolkit Qwad

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